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An efficient algorithm for enumerating a sequence of all elements in (Z n) k in a special order is presented. The sequence enumerated is called the (n,k)-Gray code. It has the property that each pair of adjacent elements differs in only one digit and the difference is either +1 or −1. This sequence can be efficiently applied to calculation of the weight(More)
Multiexponentiation, for the 2-dimension one especially, is a very important but time-consuming operation in many ElGamal-like public key cryptosystems. An efficient multiexponentiation method is firstly proposed by Shamir in ElGamal s paper. Shamir s method requires 1.75n modular multiplications in average, where n is the bit-length of the exponents. Using(More)
Multi-computations in finite groups, such as multiexponen-tiations and multi-scalar multiplications, are very important in ElGamal-like public key cryptosystems. Algorithms to improve multi-computations can be classified into two main categories: precomputing methods and recoding methods. The first one uses a table to store the precomputed values, and the(More)
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