Dagoberto A. R. Justo

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We present a discrete model for a metapopulation of a single species with overlapping generations. Based on the dynamical behavior of the system in absence of dispersal, we have shown that a migration mechanism which depends only on age can not stabilize a previously unstable homogeneous equilibrium, but can drive a stable uncoupled system to instability if(More)
A spatially explicit metapopulation model with positive density-dependent migration is analysed. We obtained conditions under which a previously stable system can be driven to instability caused by a density-dependent migration mechanism. The stability boundary depends on the rate of increase of the number of migrants on each site at local equilibrium, on(More)
We consider a spatially explicit meta-population model with interaction among the two nearest neighbors to relate, with a simple mathematical expression, chaos in the local, uncoupled, populations, the degree of interaction among patches, size of the meta-population, and the stability of the synchronized attractor. Since synchronism is strongly correlated(More)
The aim of this work is the numerical simulation of the formation of hydrogen-bonded base pairs between adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine. We use a Monte Carlo diffusion simulation with geometric (molecular distances and orientation) and energetic (acceptance proportional to the Boltzmann factor) criteria. Our results show that the occurrence of the(More)
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