Dagmar Vogel

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We tested whether goldfish, Carassius auratus, discriminate hydrodynamic stimuli caused by moving objects. Blindfolded goldfish responded to a passing object with changes in inter-gill-movement intervals. To learn whether goldfish can discriminate water motions caused by different moving objects we habituated them to a certain object stimulus. If the(More)
The surface-feeding fish Aplocheilus lineatus uses its cephalic lateral line to detect water surface waves caused by prey insects. The ability of Aplocheilus to discriminate between surface waves with aid of the lateral line system was tested by go/no-go conditioning. Our results show that Aplocheilus can distinguish between single-frequency surface wave(More)
Topological properties lie at the heart of many fascinating phenomena in solid-state systems such as quantum Hall systems or Chern insulators. The topology of the bands can be captured by the distribution of Berry curvature, which describes the geometry of the eigenstates across the Brillouin zone. Using fermionic ultracold atoms in a hexagonal optical(More)
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