Dagmar Schneidrová

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OBJECTIVES To assess infant feeding practices, identify factors that influence the duration of exclusive breast-feeding, and evaluate the impact of the National Breastfeeding Promotion Programme in the Czech Republic. HYPOTHESIS We predicted the positive effect of the program in terms of increased prevalence of breast-feeding at discharge from the(More)
The purpose of the article is to present the National Breastfeeding Promotion Programme in the Czech Republic in the course of the last decade. It summarizes the main strategies, education and training activities of the National Breastfeeding Committee, its collaboration with the Government, Parliament, IBFAN and UNICEF. The article reviews the relevant(More)
BACKGROUND Early childhood is a critical period for shaping and influencing feeding behaviours which have implications for future health. Understanding the food consumption patterns and their shifts over time can provide guidance to health care providers and nutrition specialists who provide nutrition counselling and develop nutrition messages. OBJECTIVES(More)
In recent years, the Third Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague has joined the policy of the World Health Organization (WHO) and European Union in order to prevent and reduce smoking among faculty members and students − future health professionals. The following strategies have been developed in the main areas related to academic life –(More)
The objective of this descriptive study was to evaluate the performance of the international World Health Organization (WHO) child growth standards in the Czech Republic and determine the prevalence of wasting among children using the 1991 Czech growth reference and the WHO growth standards. The study utilized the 2006 WHO Child Growth Standards and the(More)
The goal of our paper is to verify the hypothesis that schools with different educational strategies and school climates, in the context of current diversification of educational system in the Czech Republic, have different impacts on the wellbeing and mental health of children. A sample of 868 schoolchildren from five Prague primary schools was studied.(More)
BACKGROUND The study concerns the comparison of percentile curves of Czech breastfed children with Czech national references from 1991 and 2001 and WHO growth standards. Growth charts of breastfed children demonstrate different curve shapes, especially in the first months of life. Incorrect interpretation of the growth curve could lead to premature(More)
AIM This study seeks to assess smoking habits, attitudes and intention to quit in students of the Third Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. METHODS A cross-sectional survey designed to obtain information on smoking history, current smoking status, cessation attempts, and attitudes towards smoking among health professionals(More)