Dagmar Reile

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Fractionation of detergent extracts of transplanted tumors of human teratocarcinoma cells by affinity chromatography yields one predominant protein with apparent molecular weight of 14,000 and further, for less abundant protein with apparent molecular weight of 35,000 from lactose-sepharose and one protein with apparent molecular weight of 68,000 from(More)
The continuous infusion of the glycopeptide antibiotic cytotoxic agent bleomycin in comparison to bolus application has been postulated to be associated with increased antitumour activity and decreased toxicity, particularly pulmonary fibrosis. In the treatment of patients with testicular cancer, bleomycin is an essential agent and is currently used in(More)
Lobaplatin [1,2-diamminomethylcyclobutane-platinum(II) lactate] is a new platinum compound with interesting preclinical activity and apparently no nephro- or neurotoxicity that is currently undergoing clinical phase II studies. Little is known about the cross-resistance between cisplatin and lobaplatin. The activity of this new compound in comparison with(More)
Carotid artery stump pressure was measured in 84 cases of carotid endarterectomy. The operations were performed in 71 patients over a period of five years. An altered neurological status during temporary occlusion of the carotid artery, assessed with the patient under local anesthesia, was the sole criterion for shunt placement. Stump pressure (SP) was(More)
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