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—With the availability of the off-the-shelf quadro-copter platforms, the implementation of autonomous un-manned aerial vehicle (UAV) has substantially been simplified. Such UAVs can explore unaccessible terrain and provide information about the local situation in a specified target area. For the early development of an autonomous aerial vehicle, virtual(More)
We recently generated an advanced mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) by targeted knock-in of single-copy mutated human amyloid precursor-protein (APP) and tau genes, crossed with a non-symptomatic presenilin (PS1A246E) over-expressing mouse line. These PLB1Triple mice presented with age-dependent and AD-relevant phenotypes. Homozygous PLB1Triple mice(More)
The introduction of low-cost renewable energy production, e.g., by photovoltaic, has turned classical grid nodes like homes and offices in prosumers, taking an active role in smart energy systems by merging home-automation and energy production functionality. However, to become a self-balancing element of a stable smart grid, supporting the energy-aware(More)
One of the central issues of software engineering is compatibility. This topic may appear in organizational questions as well as in questions about the "fitting" of components. To allow for an early evaluation of compatibility by a model of the system under examination, the (Unified) Compatibility Modelling Language ((U)CML) has been developed at the(More)
The evolution of the electricity grid towards the smart grid paradigm is fostering the integration of distributed renewable energy sources in smart buildings: a combination of local power generation, battery storage and controllable loads can greatly increase the energetic self-sufficiency of a smart building, enabling it to maximize the self-consumption of(More)
Flexible, extensible and lightweight architectures are necessary to allow the participation of small energy producers in the smart grid. In addition to an intelligent energy management system on top of a home automation system these nodes exchange information with other smart grid nodes to enable services like energy trading or demand side management as(More)
In the course of screening actinomycetes for novel antimicrobial substances, a new strain of Strepto-myceshygroscopicus was found to produce a new polyether antibiotic, CP-80,219 (1). This paper describes the isolation, properties and structure of 1, which is related to dianemycin (2).X) The fermentation of S. hygroscopicus sp. ATCC 53626 and isolation of(More)