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The introduction of low-cost renewable energy production, e.g., by photovoltaic, has turned classical grid nodes like homes and offices in prosumers, taking an active role in smart energy systems by merging home-automation and energy production functionality. However, to become a self-balancing element of a stable smart grid, supporting the energy-aware(More)
—With the availability of the off-the-shelf quadro-copter platforms, the implementation of autonomous un-manned aerial vehicle (UAV) has substantially been simplified. Such UAVs can explore unaccessible terrain and provide information about the local situation in a specified target area. For the early development of an autonomous aerial vehicle, virtual(More)
Inhaltsverzeichnis Herausforderungen bei der modellbasierten Entwicklung verteilter Fahrzeugfunktionen in einer verteilten Entwicklungsorganisation2 genden Entwicklungsschritten werden die Komponentenbeiträge in der Vernetzungsda-tenbank, entsprechend der in der Spezifikation zu Grunde gelegten Hardware-Topologie, auf Steuergeräte verteilt. Die für den(More)
Electric/electronic architecture model driven FlexRay configurationrichter entwickeln, setzen wir verstärkt Akzente, die nach-haltig umwelt-und zukunftsfreundlich sind. Abstract: Architectural modeling is an integral part of modern software development. In particular, diverse systems benefit from precise architectural models since similar components can(More)