Dagmar Hejcmanová

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From results of the contrast sensitivity test (n = 65, r = 0.834) it is possible to estimate visual acuity with considerable provedes, however, in addition also information on vision at low contrast conditions and on vision of large objects. It may therefore be expected that in future the two-dimensional visuogram will replace in clinical practice the(More)
Five children with a history of preterm birth (mean gestational age of 27 weeks; birth weight 870-1,380 g) and perinatal post-hemorrhagic hydrocephalus were examined ophthalmologically at ages ranging from 4-11 years. An extended visual evoked potentials (VEPs) examination was simultaneously performed, using pattern-reversal, motion-onset, and cognitive(More)
Visual acuity measured using the Snellen method in 29 patients with hypophyseal tumors amounts to normal or nearly normal values (6/9-6/6), with mean value of 0.75. Measuring of visual acuity with the more accurate "log MAR" optotype tables yields acuity values which decline with the severity of the disease from 1.04 to 0.87 with a mean value of 0.97. Not(More)
The variability of the visual acuity in repeating testing using the whole-line method corresponds to three standardized optotype lines. A significant change of the visual acuity represents at least a doubling of the minimal angle of resolution. From the practical point of view the use of the interpolation method of Ferris is recommended. The mean(More)
Computer analysis of a picture in ophthalmology makes objective evaluation of the clinical finding possible. After analogue-digital transfer the pictures of the fundus on a black and white negative and coloured positive 24 x 36 mm were analyzed on a Pericolor 2000 E computer. We measured the area of the glaucoma excavation of the papilla of the optic nerve,(More)
Examination of the contrast sensitivity in aphakic eyes corrected by glasses and in artephakias provides information which cannot be obtained by measurement of visual acuity and is thus a suitable supplement of the basic test of visual functions. Contrast sensitivity declines significantly with advancing age. Contrast sensitivity of aphakic eyes corrected(More)
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