Daghan L. Acay

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“Agents and Artifacts” (A&A) and CARTAGO are becoming increasingly popular as, respectively, a general-purpose programming model and a related infrastructure for developing shared computational environments in agent-based software systems. However, so far there has been no work on developing multiagent systems (MAS) where agents implemented and deployed in(More)
The main aim of this paper is to motivate extending the formal definition of "capability'' to incorporate the capabilities of external entities, i.e. external capability. The title points to the idea that an external entity may be either a tool or an agent, and only in the latter case does collaboration becomes relevant. This is the starting point for(More)
Software agents are situated in an environment with which they interact reactively or in a goal-directed fashion. Generally, such environments do not assume a structure, hence are deemed to be unpredictable. Recent approaches adopt an environment model where artifacts form the building blocks. Artifacts represent functional components that an agent can(More)
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