Dagan Harrington

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Before autonomous robotics can be used for dangerous or critical missions, performance guarantees should be made available. This paper overviews a software system for the verification of behavior-based controllers in context of chosen hardware and environmental models. Robotic controllers are automatically translated to a process algebra. The system(More)
Service Interfaces (ASIs) are defined by a set of primitives<lb>that specify the services provided and the abstract data elements<lb>that are to be passed when the services are invoked. Defining<lb>additional ASIs to pass the security and transport information from<lb>the Transport Subsystem to the Security Subsystem has the advantage<lb>of being consistent(More)
New protocols or protocol extensions are best designed with due consideration of the functionality needed to operate and manage the protocols. Retrofitting operations and management is sub-optimal. The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to authors and reviewers of documents that define new protocols or protocol extensions regarding aspects of(More)
We have developed an approach that can be used by mission designers to determine whether or not a performance guarantee for their mission software, when carried out under the uncertain conditions of a real-world environment, will hold within a threshold probability. In this paper we demonstrate its utility for verifying multirobot missions, in particular a(More)
Robotics has been considered as one of the five key technology areas for defense against attacks with weapons of mass destruction (WMD). However, due to the mass impact nature of WMD, failures of counter-WMD (C-WMD) missions can have catastrophic consequences. To ensure robots' success in carrying out C-WMD missions, we have developed a novel verification(More)
The effective use of autonomous robot teams in highly-critical missions depends on being able to establish performance guarantees. However, establishing a guarantee for the behavior of an autonomous robot operating in an uncertain environment with obstacles is a challenging problem. This paper addresses the challenges involved in building a software tool(More)
Position Paper Getting it right the first time: Verification of Behavior-based Multirobot Missions Damian Lyons, Ronald Arkin, Shu Jiang, Dagan Harrington and Matthew O'Brien Dept. Of Computer & Information Science, Fordham University, Bronx NY 10458 School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA 30332(More)
This memo defines a portion of the Management Information Base (MIB) for use with network management protocols in TCP/IP-based internets. In particular, it defines two MIB modules for managing the capabilities of MAC bridges defined by the IEEE 802.1D-1998 (TM) MAC Bridges and the IEEE 802.1Q-2003 (TM) Virtual LAN (VLAN) standards for bridging between Local(More)