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Ptychography is a promising new microscopy technique based on numerical reconstruction of coherent scattering patterns. The reconstruction of the real space image from the experimentally obtained scattering patterns requires substantial computational effort. In this paper we describe how to optimize and parallelize a ptychography reconstruction program that(More)
Optimizing the morphology of bulk heterojunctions is known to significantly improve the photovoltaic performance of organic solar cells, but available quantitative imaging techniques are few and have severe limitations. We demonstrate X-ray ptychographic coherent diffractive imaging applied to all-organic blends. Specifically, the phase-separated morphology(More)
Glass fibres with silicon cores have emerged as a versatile platform for all-optical processing, sensing and microscale optoelectronic devices. Using SiGe in the core extends the accessible wavelength range and potential optical functionality because the bandgap and optical properties can be tuned by changing the composition. However, silicon and germanium(More)
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