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Introduction I n th is p a p e r we will r epo r t on the realization in an e lect ronic digital computer of an effective proof p rocedure for the first o rder predwate calculus. T h e on ly logic to which electronic compu te r s have so far been app l i ed is the one con ta ined in the p ropos i t iona l calculus (also k n o w n as sen ten t ia l calculus(More)
relations between functional programming and concurrent programming have been studied extensively, e.g., through translations of the λ calculus into R. Milner’s π-calculus. Abstract forms of the continuation-passing style, e.g., as in Thielecke’s work, have been typed in classical logic, suggesting an interpretation of these relations as a logical duality(More)
Peter Aczel: Predicate logic over a type setup There are a variety of closely related notions aimed at capturing the abstract structure of type dependency in the syntax and semantics of dependent type theories. Examples of such notions are category with attributes, category with families, category with display maps, contextual category, comprehension(More)