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A new method for Ewald summation in planar/slablike geometry, i.e., systems where periodicity applies in two dimensions and the last dimension is "free" (2P), is presented. We employ a spectral representation in terms of both Fourier series and integrals. This allows us to concisely derive both the 2P Ewald sum and a fast particle mesh Ewald (PME)-type(More)
Sparse matrices are indispensable components of most scientific applications. Nevertheless, there is very little general-purpose software support. With the Matrix Template Library 4 (MTL4) we provide a generic library support for dense and compressed sparse matrices. The first challenge in working with compressed matrices is how to set the nonzero entries(More)
From 1992 to 1994, Saturday Academy and the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology instituted the pilot phase of a long-term monitoring program called the Student Watershed Research Project (SWRP). The SWRP program was developed to create and maintain collaboration among eighth through twelfth grade teachers and students, scientists,(More)
The flow behavior of many multiphase flow applications is greatly influenced by wetting properties and the presence of surfactants. We present a numerical method for two-phase flow with insoluble surfactants and contact line dynamics in two dimensions. The method is based on decomposing the interface between two fluids into segments, which are explicitly(More)
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