Dag Kristian Dysthe

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The Ekofisk field, Norwegian North sea, is an example of a compacting chalk reservoir with considerable subsequent seafloor subsidence due to petroleum production. Previously, a number of models were created to predict the compaction using different phenomenological approaches. Here we present a different approach which includes a new creep model based on(More)
We present a simple, abstract model for travertine dam formation. The simulation uses a depth-averaged hydrodynamic code, coupled with an empirical precipitation model where surface-normal growth rate is proportional to local flow rate. The dynamics of the resulting formation, coarsening and migration (progradation) of crests is demonstrated and compared(More)
Ductile compaction is common in many natural systems, but the temporal evolution of such systems is rarely studied. We observe surprising oscillations in the weight measured at the bottom of a self-compacting ensemble of ductile grains. The oscillations develop during the first ten hours of the experiment, and usually persist through the length of an(More)
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