Dag Kristian Dysthe

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Two dilatometers with high precision and stability have been developed for measurement of indentation by pressure solution creep. The indentation of gold wires or glass cylinders into sodium chloride has been measured with down to 10 A accuracy and 6% precision. The indentation curves show a strong history dependence and the indentation rate decreases by(More)
Experiments were conducted to investigate pattern formation during the defluidization of a partially fluidized bimodal granular mixture. Partial fluidization occurs when the system is driven at gas velocities that are insufficient to fluidize all of the constituent particles. Over time, the granular mixture evolves into a variety of patterns depending on(More)
We extend the (1+1)-dimensional fluid solid-on-solid (SOS) model to include a confining flat surface opposite to the SOS surface subject to a constant load. This load is balanced by a repulsive surface-surface interaction given by an ansatz which agrees with known analytical solutions in the limit of two separated flat surfaces. Mechanical equilibrium is(More)
Microorganisms, such as bacteria, algae, or spermatozoa, are able to propel themselves forward thanks to flagella or cilia activity. By contrast, other organisms employ pronounced changes of the membrane shape to achieve propulsion, a prototypical example being the Eutreptiella gymnastica. Cells of the immune system as well as dictyostelium amoebas,(More)
The Ekofisk field, Norwegian North sea, is an example of a compacting chalk reservoir with considerable subsequent seafloor subsidence due to petroleum production. Previously, a number of models were created to predict the compaction using different phenomenological approaches. Here we present a different approach which includes a new creep model based on(More)
Equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of mixtures of n-decane with methane, ethane, and carbon dioxide and of the mixture carbon dioxide-ethane were performed using the anisotropic united atoms model for n-decane and oneand two-center Lennard-Jones models for the light components. The GreenKubo relations were used to calculate the viscosity, thermal(More)
We present experimental evidence that pressure solution creep does not establish a steady-state interface microstructure as previously thought. Conversely, pressure solution controlled strain and the characteristic length scale of interface microstructures grow as the cubic root of time. Transient creep with the same scaling is known in metallurgy (Andrade(More)
In this paper we present results of structural studies of compacting experimental systems of ductile grains in two and three dimensions. The high precision of our two-dimensional experiments enables a detailed study of the evolution of coordination numbers and local crystalline arrangements as a function of the packing fraction. The structure in both(More)