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Event-related potential (ERP) asymmetries to emotional stimuli in a visual half-field paradigm.
To investigate the hypothesis of a right hemispheric superiority in negative emotional processing, event-related potentials (ERPs) were recorded from 17 sites (Fz, Cz, Pz, F3/4, F7/8, C3/4, T7/8,Expand
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ERPs for infrequent omissions and inclusions of stimulus elements.
A negative event-related potential (ERP) wave called mismatch negativity (MMN) is elicited by an infrequent deviant stimulus in a sequence of frequent standard stimuli. Omission of a stimulus in aExpand
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Central nervous system reactions during heliox and trimix dives to 51 ATA, DEEP EX 81.
UNLABELLED Two groups of divers were compressed to 500 msw with heliox (n = 3) and trimix (n = 3). They were followed with repeated neuropsychological and neurological tests during compression, atExpand
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Left hemisphere advantage for classical conditioning to auditory verbal CSs: effects of nonattended extinction.
The effects of brain laterality, or hemispheric asymmetry, on electrodermal classical conditioning during both attended and nonattended stimulus conditions were studied. Participants were conditionedExpand
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Central nervous system reactions during heliox and trimix dives to 31 ATA.
UNLABELLED Two groups of divers were compressed to 300 msw (984 fsw) with heliox (n = 3) and trimix (n = 3). Neuropsychological/neurological testing was performed repeatedly during the compressionExpand
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Evoked potential and other CNS reactions during a heliox dive to 360 msw.
Six divers were compressed to 360 msw on heliox. Visual and cognitive evoked responses were performed repeatedly predive, during the dive, and postdive. The evoked response changes were compared withExpand
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CNS reactions at 51 ATA on trimix and heliox and during decompression.
Two groups of divers (Group A and B) were compressed to 500 msw with trimix (n = 3) and heliox (n = 3). After 4 d at saturation depth Group A had a gas change to heliox. Both groups were followedExpand
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Hemisphere Differences in Event-Related Potentials (ERPS) to Monaural Presentations of Simple Speech Sounds
The aim of the present study was to compare ERPs over the left and right hemispheres to monaural consonant-vowel (CV) syllables. It was predicted that, if the contralateral auditory representation isExpand
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Psychophysiological Response Patterns in Migraine Patients
Cardiovascular responses to strong auditory stimulation were compared in common migraine patients and controls. Two matched groups of eight subjects participated in two laboratory sessions. DuringExpand
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European isolation and confinement study. Mental performance.
Six EMSInauts were confined for 28 days in a hyperbaric chamber complex at a low overpressure. During this period they were repeatedly given four different standard mental performance tests: (1)Expand
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