Dag H. Olsen

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In the last decade there was growing interest in strategic management literature about factors that influence a company’s ability to use IT. There is general consensus that knowledge and competency are necessary in developing an IT capability, but there is very little understanding of what the necessary competencies are, and how they influence IS usage in(More)
Advances in Internet technologies and related software increasingly drive a large numbers of businesses. A core component of these new businesses is the information exchange between business partners or clients. For example, issues of information exchange form the basis of much ebrokerage and on-line auction markets. For B2B ebusiness and supply chain,(More)
This article examines the relationship between coopetition, the simultaneous cooperation and competition, and the success of e-business in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In this context co-opetition is understood and operationalized as a combination of sourcing and alignment capabilities of the SMEs and the cooperative orientation of the(More)
Recent studies indicate that e-government initiatives have not held their promise of improving government services. The majority of efforts to benchmark e-government have had central government as the unit of analysis. This study employs the MeGAP-3 (The Municipal E-Government Assessmen Project) assessment tool to assess the status of municipal e-government(More)
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Despite the importance of process modelling for business process management and related tasks, there are few theories and empirical studies of process-modelling practice available that can serve as the basis for understanding and improving this important practice. To contribute to the development of better theory, this paper proposes a model of process(More)
New knowledge about accidental hypothermia acquired in recent years may simplify treatment and aid the evaluation of prognosis. Evidence of death or severe collapse due to the feared afterdrop has not been published. Afterdrop is a phenomenon of conductive heat loss. Evaluation of rewarming techniques shows that results from forced air rewarming techniques(More)
Process change, in various incarnations, has been a central topic in the IS field for several decades. This paper presents an overview of Norwegian model-supported process-change practice, based on in-depth interviews of 33 informants, each describing a different process-change effort in one of 30 Norwegian enterprises. The overview focusses on use of(More)