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Applications in scientific computing operate with high-volume numerical data and the occupied space should be reduced. Traditional compression algorithms cannot provide sufficient compression ratio for such kind of data. We propose a lossless algorithm of delta-compression (a variant of predictive coding) that packs the higher-order differences between(More)
Modeling and simulation often require different tools for specialized purposes, which increase the motivation to use co-simulation. Since physical models often are describing enterprises' primary know-how, there is a need for a sound approach to securely perform model-ing and simulation. This paper discusses different possibilities from a security(More)
In this paper, we present the first programming environment and modeling language which integrates inheritance within a computer algebra language. This environment and language, called ObjectMath (Object oriented Mathematical language for scientific computing), is currently being used for industrial applications in advanced mechanical analysis, but is(More)
Applications in scientific computing operate with data of complex structure and graphical tools for data editing, browsing and visualization are necessary. Most approaches to generating user interfaces provide some interactive layout facility together with a specialized language for describing user interaction. Realistic automated generation approaches are(More)
A fully functional meta-model co-simulation environment that supports integration of many different simulation tool specific models into a co-simulation is described in this paper. The continuously increasing performance of modern computer systems has a large influence on simulation technologies. It results in more and more detailed simulation models.(More)
Mathematica is an integrated environment for symbolic transformation of mathematical formulas. This environment has applications in scientific computing, scientific visualization and education. Mathemat-ica provides the ability to describe visualized objects in form of mathematical formulas and expressions. Such descriptions are more clear and concise than(More)