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In this paper I discuss and develop suggestions concerning how to use systems of modal logic to analyse notions pertaining to agency. In the first part I deal with the accounts of Pörn, Brown, and Belnap, thus motivating the search for a more finegrained framework. The first step in the development of such a framework is the adoption of a rich semantical(More)
Trust is inherently related to risk, but for trust assessment to be integrated with the management of the risks involved in trust based cooperation, the exact relation must be well understood. Existing literature on trust management is neither clear nor unambiguous on this issue. This paper discusses notions of trust as presented within the disciplines of(More)
In the analysis of the ethicalproblems of online research, there is much tobe learned from the work that has already beendone on research ethics in the socialsciences and the humanities. I discuss thestructure of norms in the Norwegian ethicalguidelines for research in the social scienceswith respect to their relevance for the ethicalissues of Internet(More)
Media frames represent distinct ways of communicating about issues that are reflected in choices of key words and phrases. In this paper we develop a visualization technique and visual analytic system that enables the study of media frames across text corpora. In particular our system allows scholars or other analysts to compare media frames in a(More)
Media frames define distinctive perspectives or ways of communicating about issues and can be manifested through patterns of language use, such as preferences for various key terms and phrases. In this work we develop a novel operationalization of moral evaluation frames and study their use within a corpus of blogs discussing climate change. We compare(More)
How should the policies of search engines and other information intermediaries be ethically evaluated? It is argued that Kant’s principles for the public use of reason are useful starting points for the formulation of criteria for such an evaluation. The suggestion is, furthermore, that a search engine can be seen to provide a testimony to the user(More)
With the increasing availability and use of mobile phones with camera functionality, it becomes feasible to use these devices to query image databases for information. However, the resulting photo/image query commonly depicts several objects and can be open to a number of interpretations. This leads to ambiguities when determining the intention of an image(More)
This paper provides a case study based evaluation of UML sequence diagrams as a notation for policy specification. Policy rules are defined on the basis of deontic logic and provided a trace based semantics interpreted over Kripke structures. This gives a semantics comparable to the UML trace semantics for sequence diagrams, which is utilized in the(More)
The paper has three parts. First, a survey and analysis is given ofthe structure of individual rights in the recent EU Directive ondata protection. It is argued that at the core of this structure isan unexplicated notion of what the data subject can `reasonablyexpect' concerning the further processing of information about himor herself. In the second part(More)