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Do diseases have a prestige hierarchy? A survey among physicians and medical students.
Surveys have shown that the prestige of medical specialities is ordered hierarchically. We investigate whether similar tacit agreement in the medical community also applies to diseases, since suchExpand
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Review Article: Prestige and its significance for medical specialties and diseases
Aims: The aim of this paper is to review the literature concerning the existence of prestige hierarchies for medical specialities and diseases. Moreover, the implications of prestige for priorityExpand
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Stability and change in disease prestige: A comparative analysis of three surveys spanning a quarter of a century.
In this paper, we present a comparative analysis of three survey studies of disease prestige in medical culture. The studies were conducted in 1990, 2002 and 2014 using the same research design. InExpand
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Legitimating the illegitimate: How doctors manage their knowledge of the prestige of diseases
Although the sociology of medicine has developed a rich body of research on patients’ experiences and how they handle their illnesses, few analyses have examined doctors’ concepts of disease.Expand
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Do nurses rate diseases according to prestige? A survey study.
AIMS To see whether nurses rate diseases according to prestige and, if so, how their ratings compare to the disease prestige hierarchy previously uncovered among physicians. DESIGN Cross-sectionalExpand