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INTRODUCTION In developed countries, reinfection after successful eradication of Helicobacter pylori appears unusual. High prevalences of H. pylori in developing countries may result in high reinfection rates. In Morocco, published studies regarding the prevalence of H. pylori are limited, and to our knowledge, there are no data regarding the reinfection(More)
In this paper we propose a novel method to automatically detect the polyp's ROI (Region Of Interest) based on a Gaussian Mixture Model, Esperance Maximization algorithm segmentation, Hough transform and region growing. Our main objective through this work is to help in the early detection and precise analyze for the polyps diagnosis, which is a huge apport(More)
Le syndrome de Lynch, ou cancer colorectal héréditaire sans polypose ou HNPCC (hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer), est la forme la plus fréquente de cancer colorectal héréditaire. Il conduit à une augmentation de la susceptibilité à développer des cancers, au premier rang le cancer colorectal, le cancer de l'endomètre chez les femmes, et dans une(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess and compare the efficacy and safety of sequential treatment with standard triple therapies in a located population in Morocco. METHODS Consecutive H. pylori-positive patients with endoscopy-proven ulcer or non ulcer dyspepsia were prospectively randomized in the trial into one of three groups: AM and AC group(More)
INTRODUCTION Long-term outcome of patients after band ligation have been poorly defined. Therefore, we conducted a long-term follow-up study to delineate the outcome of ligation in patients with portal hypertension in the Hassan II university hospital, Fes, Morocco. METHODS Over 118 months patients treated by endoscopic variceal ligation were received(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal Cancers (CRC) are one of the most common malignancies in the world. Their incidence in Morocco, between 2005 and 2007, was 5.6 for 100000 inhabitants, which is very low compared to what found in developed countries. In addition, CRCs show a high frequency of rectal localizations, and occurs in a younger population in Morocco compared(More)
INTRODUCTION Endoscopic variceal ligation is widely accepted as the optimum endoscopic treatment for esophageal variceal hemorrhage. In Morocco, there are no data regarding the efficacy of this technique. Our aim was to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of endoscopic variceal ligation in the management of oesophageal variceal bleeding in cirrhosis in a(More)
Lynch syndrome or hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC) is the most common form of hereditary colorectal cancers. It increases cancer susceptibility, the risk of colorectal cancer in first-degree, endometrial cancer in women, and to a lesser extent, other cancers (ovarian, small bowel, stomach, urinary tract and hepatobiliary). Thus, the(More)
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