Dafna Schwartz

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Purpose – While the numbers of, and research on, women entrepreneurs have accelerated radically in recent years, the rates of women entrepreneurs remain significantly lower than men’s. Research has shown that subjective perceptual variables have a crucial influence on the entrepreneurial propensity of women and account for much of the gender differences in(More)
Purpose – In 2008, the world had undergone a global economic crisis. Since women always face greater difficulties in obtaining capital than men, the economic crisis had a greater effect on them. The purpose of this paper is to examine the implications of the global crisis for women’s entrepreneurship, from the perspective of equality, diversity and(More)
A rapidly growing body of research attests to the interest in women's entrepreneurship (e.g. Boyd, 2005; Bruni, Gheradi, & Poggio, 2004; Brush, Carter, Gatewood, Greene & Hart, 2006; Lerner & Pines, 2011; Mulholland, 1996; Pines, 2002; Pines & Schwartz, 2008). This interest is relatively recent (Humbert, Drew & Kelan, 2009). As Carter and Shaw (2006) have(More)
The sacral region is the most common site for pressure injuries (PIs) associated with lying in bed, and such sacral PIs often commence as deep tissue injuries (DTIs) that later present as open wounds. In complex patients, diabetes is common. Because, among other factors, diabetes affects connective tissue stiffness properties, making these tissues less able(More)
Networks’ impact on business outcome is documented in various theories. We examined the role of specific actors in the networks of successful Israeli technology ventures and identified the actor’s contribution during early, advanced, and merger and acquisition (M&A) stages. A mixed qualitative–quantitative method was applied to collect insight and data from(More)
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