Dafna Kaufman

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Tardive dystonia is a form of tardive dyskinesia for which there is little satisfactory treatment. We reviewed our experience at four movement disorder centers in the treatment of tardive dystonia with botulinum toxin A (BTX-A). Thirty-four patients with relatively localized tardive dystonia unresponsive to oral medications were treated with injections of(More)
Electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings were obtained from nine male subjects at sea level and again following rapid ascent to high altitude (4300 meters) at 0900, 1600, and 1830 h. Electroencephalographic data were subjected to Fast Fourier Transformation and analyzed for beta, spindle, alpha, theta, delta, and total amplitudes. Total amplitude increased(More)
OBJECTIVE Metabolic dysfunctions, such as fatty liver, obesity and insulin resistance, are among the most common contemporary diseases worldwide, and their prevalence is continuously rising. Mimp/Mtch2 is a mitochondrial carrier protein homologue, which localizes to the mitochondria and induces mitochondrial depolarization. Mimp/Mtch2 single-nucleotide(More)
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