Dafna Harari

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Five cases of heredopathia atactica polyneuritiformis (HAP--Refsum's disease) were treated by serial plasma exchanges. In all patients a reduction in calorie intake and body weight had been associated with a rise in plasma phytanic acid, followed by an exacerbation of the ataxia and neuropathy. Lowering the plasma phytanic acid by plasma exchange produced a(More)
The greater date moth (GDM), Aphomia sabella Hampson (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Galleriinae), is a serious pest of date palms, Phoenix dactylifera. The release of volatiles from both males and females was investigated using sequential SPME/GC/MS analysis. Males release a complex mixture of compounds in a circadian rhythm during the night between 03:00 and(More)
In patients with post partum endometritis once daily intramuscular administration of gentamicin may be convenient in certain clinical settings. However pharmacokinetic data on once daily intramuscular gentamicin are not reported. In this study 10 women with post partum endometritis were given once daily intravenous gentamicin (4 mg/kg ideal body weight)(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the incidence of ultrasonographically-diagnosed postcesarean hematomas and correlate their presence with febrile morbidity. METHODS Prospective study of 111 consecutive patients who had a pelvic ultrasound 4-6 days post-operatively. Ultrasonographic findings were correlated with clinical data. RESULTS Postoperative fever was(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare intracervical prostaglandin E2 gel and membrane sweeping for cervical ripening. STUDY DESIGN Fifty patients were randomized to either intracervical prostaglandin E2 or membrane sweeping. A Bishop score was assigned by a blinded examiner prior to and 24 hours following the procedure. RESULTS The Bishop scores assigned 24 hours after(More)
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