Dafna Golan

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BACKGROUND The genetic heterogeneity of developmental delay and cognitive impairment is vast. The endocytic network is essential for neural development and synaptic plasticity by regulating the sorting of numerous transmembrane proteins. Disruption of the pathway can lead to neuronal pathology. Endosomal biogenesis relies on two Rab proteins, Rab5 and Rab7,(More)
The prevalence of macrocephaly in autism spectrum disorder is reported to be much higher than in the general population, 12% to 37%. Progressive macrocephaly is even considered a warning sign for the development of autism. We evaluated the prevalence of an abnormal head circumference in children with autism in Israel and compared it with the head(More)
OBJECTIVE Describe a cohort of children who received a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) after age 6 and after having undergone a comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment before the age of 6, through which they were not diagnosed with ASD. METHODS Extensive chart review of patients' electronic medical records comprised a representative(More)
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