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Melatonin improves antioxidant capacity and ion homeostasis and enhances salt tolerance in maize seedlings
Evidence is provided that support the protective roles of exogenous melatonin in maize against salinity and the results suggested that the melatonin enhanced maize salt tolerance in maize were most likely due to the improvement of photosynthetic capacity, antioxidative capacity and ion homeostasis in leaves.
Comparative transcriptome analysis of root hairs proliferation induced by water deficiency in maize
Functional genes and transcription factors were both found to be involved in drought-induced root hair proliferation and will help to understand better the molecular mechanism of maize root hair growth and development.
Complete genome sequence of tobacco virus 1, a closterovirus from Nicotiana tabacum
This study is the first report of the complete genome sequence of a closterovirus identified in tobacco, containing nine open reading frames (ORFs) that potentially encode proteins with putative functions in virion assembly, cell-to-cell movement and suppression of RNA silencing.
The nascent-polypeptide-associated complex alpha subunit regulates the polygalacturonases expression negatively and influences the pathogenicity of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
  • Xiuli Li, Min Guo, +5 authors Zhimou Gao
  • Biology, Medicine
  • 1 November 2015
The significant elevations for both the activities of pectin-degrading enzymes and the expression of polygalacturonase genes also were associated with the mutated strains, indicating that SsNACα could negatively influence polyGalacturonases expression and modulate the pathogenicity of S. sclerotiorum.
Molecular analysis based on the amino acid sequence of acetylcholinesterase from Myzus persicae (Hemiptera: Aphididae)
It is found that amino acid sequence of AChEs showed the biggest evolution and conservation in the organisms tested and also discussed the M. persicae A cholinesterase structure characteristics and functional sites.