Daeyoung Kim

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—RF modulated backscatter (RFMB), also known as modulated radar cross section or sigma modulation, is a RF transmission technique useful for short-range, low-data-rate applications, such as nonstop toll collection, electronic shelf tags, freight container identification and chassis identification in automobile manufacturing, that are constrained to have(More)
A new multi-antenna or multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) configuration is introduced for RF modulated backscatter in a multipath environment. RF modulated backscatter is used by semipassive RF tags to transmit without a power amplifier, and is therefore appropriate for applications with extreme power constraints such as sensor communications, electronic(More)
  • Kuo-Hui Li, N I bullet A I G, E bullet, O F bullet T E C H N O L O G, Y bullet, P R O G R Ess S E R V I C E +20 others
  • 2004
Date approved by Chairman To my parents Acknowledgments I would like to beginby extending my most sincere thanks to my advisor Professor Mary Ann Ingram for her invaluable guidance, inspiration, suggestions, support, and patience throughout this work. Also, I would like to thank those who served on my dissertation defense committee: and other Taiwanese(More)
To those whom I love and those who love me.cessful in my doctoral study. As many his former students said, Bruce is the greatest advisor and the most innovative researcher, who provided insightful suggestions for my research and inspired me to devise creative solutions. Moreover, I have learned the methods for thinking deeply, approaching to core problems,(More)
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