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—RF modulated backscatter (RFMB), also known as modulated radar cross section or sigma modulation, is a RF transmission technique useful for short-range, low-data-rate applications, such as nonstop toll collection, electronic shelf tags, freight container identification and chassis identification in automobile manufacturing, that are constrained to have(More)
A new multi-antenna or multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) configuration is introduced for RF modulated backscatter in a multipath environment. RF modulated backscatter is used by semipassive RF tags to transmit without a power amplifier, and is therefore appropriate for applications with extreme power constraints such as sensor communications, electronic(More)
Absrract-Modulated backscatter is a RF transmission technique useful for short-range, low-data-rate applications constrained to have extremely low power requirements, such as electronic shelf tags, RF tags, and some sensor applications. The small-scale fading observed on the backscattered signal has deeper fades than a signal from a traditional one-way link(More)
Date approved by Chairman To my parents Acknowledgments I would like to beginby extending my most sincere thanks to my advisor Professor Mary Ann Ingram for her invaluable guidance, inspiration, suggestions, support, and patience throughout this work. Also, I would like to thank those who served on my dissertation defense committee: and other Taiwanese(More)
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