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— We present a new 3D mesh codec for mobile devices. Mobile devices have limited resources such as low memory, slow CPU speed, low power, and no floating-point processor. Considering these mobile characteristics, we suggest a new approach: a hybrid of a progressive geometry and a single-rate connectivity coding. By this approach, our algorithm achieves fast(More)
From its primal application in supply chain visibility using RFID, EPCglobal has expanded to embrace different IoT domains. With the interest of integrating diverse heterogeneous sensors/ actuators(Things) for distributed mobile IoT applications, a middleware that can address the requirements of heterogeneity and scalability is necessary. For(More)
In this paper we propose a challenge-response protocol called: DCSTaR, which takes a novel approach to solve security issues that are specific to low-cost item-RFID tags. DCSTaR protocol is built upon lightweight primitives such as 16 bit: Random Number Generator, Exclusive-OR, and Cyclic Redundancy Check and utilizing these primitives it also provides a(More)
In this paper, we focus on an energy efficient position-based three dimensional (3D) routing algorithm using distance information, which affects transmission power consumption between nodes as a metric. In wireless sensor networks, energy efficiency is one of the primary objectives of research. In addition, recent interest in sensor networks is extended to(More)
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