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Many wireless sensor network applications require sensor nodes to be deployed on the ground or other surfaces. However, there has been little effort to characterize the large- and small-scale path loss for surface-level radio communications. We present a comprehensive measurement of path loss and fading characteriztics for surface-level sensor nodes in the(More)
Smart personal devices equipped with a wide range of sensors and peripherals can potentially be misused in various environments. They can be used to exfiltrate sensitive information from enterprises and federal offices or be used to smuggle unauthorized information into classrooms and examination halls. One way to prevent these situations is to regulate how(More)
— " What would have happened, had I taken the alternative route? " This is a question that many drivers often ponder, hoping that their chosen route is the best. This paper proposes DoppelDriver, a system that attempts to answer such questions on non-chosen alternative routes to a given destination by determining actual times of arrival (ATAs) from(More)