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— An optimized rendering algorithm of the OpenVG 2D vector graphics for hardware implementation is presented in this paper. In the rendering algorithm we adopted a hybrid of raster and vector rendering, which uses vector rendering only within each scanline, to reduce both the number of external memory accesses and the computational complexity. We(More)
A multi-core platform for high-performance video applications is proposed that contains multiple RISC clusters. Each cluster, which contains up to four cores and exploits thread-level parallelism, is allocated for a function block and connected to other clusters through two communication networks: one for control transfer and the other for data transfer. As(More)
— The scale of MANET is expanding with the proliferation of mobile devices, and the number of services in MANET also increases. It raises the importance of scalability and semantic searching capability. However, existing service discovery protocols targeting MANET have been focused on either only scalability or only semantic matching. Some recent researches(More)
SUMMARY We propose an optimized scanline filling algorithm for OpenVG two-dimensional vector graphics. For each scanline of a path, it adaptively selects a left or right scanning direction that minimizes the number of pixels visited during scanning. According to the experimental results, the proposed algorithm reduces the number of pixels visited by 6 to(More)
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