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Previously, we found that amyloid beta-protein (Abeta)1-42 exhibits neurotoxicity, while Abeta1-40 serves as an antioxidant molecule by quenching metal ions and inhibiting metal-mediated oxygen radical generation. Here, we show another neuroprotective action of nonamyloidogenic Abeta1-40 against Abeta1-42-induced neurotoxicity in culture and in vivo.(More)
There has recently been an increasing interest in the generation of a sound field that is audible in one spatial region and inaudible in an adjacent region. The method proposed here ensures the control of the amplitude and phase of multiple acoustic sources in order to maximize the acoustic energy difference between two adjacent regions while also ensuring(More)
MSL3 resides in the MSL (male-specific lethal) complex, which upregulates transcription by spreading the histone H4 Lys16 (H4K16) acetyl mark. We discovered a DNA-dependent interaction of MSL3 chromodomain with the H4K20 monomethyl mark. The structure of a ternary complex shows that the DNA minor groove accommodates the histone H4 tail, and monomethyllysine(More)