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We studied noise characteristics of a nanocomposite of polyimide (PI) and phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) (denoted as PI:PCBM), a composite for the organic nonvolatile resistive memory material. The current fluctuations were investigated over a bias range that covers various intermediate resistive states and negative differential resistance(More)
We fabricated 8 × 8 arrays of non-volatile resistive memory devices on commercially available Scotch® Magic™ tape as a flexible substrate. The memory devices consist of double active layers of Al2O3 with a structure of Au/Al2O3/Au/Al2O3/Al (50 nm/20 nm/20 nm/20 nm/50 nm) on attachable tape substrates. Because the memory devices were fabricated using only(More)
1 The origin of negative differential resistance (NDR) and its derivative intermediate resistive states (IRSs) of nanocomposite memory systems have not been clearly analyzed for the past decade. To address this issue, we investigate the current fluctuations of organic nanocomposite memory devices with NDR and the IRSs under various temperature conditions.(More)
We present the integration of flexible and microscale organic nonvolatile resistive memory devices fabricated in a cross-bar array structure on plastic substrates. This microscale integration was made via orthogonal photolithography method using fluorinated photoresist and solvents and was achieved without causing damage to the underlying organic memory(More)
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