Daekwang Jung

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Solid-state lighting is a rapidly growing area of research and applications, due to the reliability and predicted high efficiency of these devices. The white LED sources that are typically used for general illumination can also be used for data transmission, and Visible Light Communications (VLC) is a rapidly growing area of research. One of the key(More)
The performance of visible light communications (VLC) system that uses white LEDs is limited by the bandwidth of the LED emitters. In this paper we report LED equalisation techniques that can improve the data transmission rate in VLC systems significantly. Equalisation is employed in the VLC transmitter and receiver and both experiment and simulation(More)
In this article, we propose a new decentralized hardware-based DBA scheme in TDM-PON. Of particular significance in the proposed scheme is that the bandwidth of the uplink data transmission is dynamically allocated to each ONU without the intervention of the OLT. In this way, software-based DBA processing can be eliminated in the OLT and ONUs, resulting in(More)
Elgala, H. , Mesleh, R. , Haas, H. , Pricope, B. ," OFDM Visible Light Wireless Communication Based on White LEDs", IEEE 65th Vehicular Technology Conference, 2007. VTC2007-Spring. , 22-25 April 2007, 2185 -2189. SEIMENS(2010),"500Megabits/Second with white LED light",[online]:http://www. siemens.(More)
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