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—Mobile applications are increasingly integrating third-party libraries to provide various features, such as advertising , analytics, social networking, and more. Unfortunately, such integration with third-party libraries comes with the cost of potential privacy violations of users, because Android always grants a full set of permissions to third-party(More)
Hardware-based external monitors have been proposed as a trustworthy method for protecting the kernel integrity. We introduce the design and implementation of Address Translation Redirection Attack (ATRA) that enables complete evasion of the hardware-based external monitor that anchors its trust on a separate processor. ATRA circumvents the external monitor(More)
Wireless video traffic has grown at an unprecedented rate and put significant burden on wireless networks. Multicast can significantly reduce traffic by sending a single video to multiple receivers simultaneously. On the other hand, wireless receivers are heterogeneous due to both channel and antenna heterogeneity, the latter of which is rapidly increasing(More)
In order to increase the operating speed of a CMOS image sensor (CIS), a new technique of digital correlated double sampling (CDS) is described. In general, the fixed pattern noise (FPN) of a CIS has been reduced with the subtraction algorithm between the reset signal and pixel signal. This is because a single-slope analog-to-digital converter (ADC) has(More)
Recently, Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) has received much attention as a mobility management protocol in next-generation all-IP mobile networks. While the current research related to PMIPv6 mainly focuses on providing efficient handovers for unicast-based applications, there has been relatively little interest in supporting multicast services with PMIPv6. To(More)