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This paper presents a low offset voltage, low noise dynamic latched comparator using a self-calibrating technique. The new calibration technique does not require any amplifiers for the offset voltage cancellation and quiescent current. It achieves low offset voltage of 1.69 mV at 1 sigma in low power consumption, while 13.7 mV is measured without(More)
This paper presents a 0.55 V, 7-bit, 160 MS/s pipeline ADC using dynamic amplifiers. In this ADC, dynamic amplifiers with a common-mode detection technique are used as residual amplifiers to increase its robustness against supply voltage lowering. These amplifiers also remove the unnecessary static power consumption achieving clock-scalability in power(More)
This paper describes a flash ADC using interpolation (IP) and cyclic background self-calibrating techniques. The proposed IP technique that is cascade of capacitor IP and gate IP with dynamic double-tail latched comparator reduces non-linearity, power consumption, and occupied area. The cyclic background self-calibrating technique periodically suppresses(More)
This paper analyzes a pseudo-differential dynamic comparator with a dynamic pre-amplifier. The transient gain of a dynamic preamplifier is derived and applied to equations of the thermal noise and the regeneration time of a comparator. This analysis enhances understanding of the roles of transistor’s parameters in pre-amplifier’s gain. Based on the(More)
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