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[Purpose] The present study aimed to determine the effect of virtual reality exercise using the Nintendo Wii Fit on the muscle activities of the trunk and lower extremities of normal adults. [Subjects] The subjects of the study were 24 normal adults who were divided into a virtual reality exercise group (VREG, n=12) and a stable surface exercise group (SEG,(More)
The SPEAR micro-satellite payload consists of dual imaging spectrographs optimized for detection of the faint, diffuse FUV (900-1750 Å) radiation emitted from interstellar gas. The instrument provides spectral resolution, R~750, and long slit imaging of <10 over a large (8 ) field of view. We enhance the sensitivity by using shutters and filters for removal(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of closed kinetic chain exercises (CKCEs) and open kinetic chain exercises (OKCEs) with elastic bands on the electromyographic activity of patients with degenerative gonarthritis. [Subjects] The study subjects were 30 degenerative gonarthritis patients who were divided into a CKCE group (CKCEG,(More)
[Purpose] This study examined the effects of action observation and action practice on stroke patients' upper limb function. [Subjects and Methods] The subjects were 33 chronic stroke patients who were randomly assigned to four groups. The action observation group (5 males, 3 females) watched a video of the task, the action practice group (5 males, 4(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) for patients with chronic low back pain and their dynamic balance ability. [Subjects] Twenty-eight patients with chronic low back were divided into an extracorporeal shockwave therapy group (ESWTG: n=13) and a conservative physical therapy group(More)
[Purpose] This study aims to investigate how squat exercises on a decline board and how the knee joint angles affect the muscle activity of the lower limbs. [Subjects] The subjects were 26 normal adults. [Methods] A Tumble Forms wedge device was used as the decline board, and the knee joint angles were measured with a goniometer. To examine the muscle(More)
[Purpose] This study was conducted to investigate the effects of an exercise program using aero-step exercise equipment on the balance ability of normal adults. [Subjects] Twenty-one normal adults were randomized into a flat floor exercise program group (FEG, n = 7), an aero-step exercise program group (AEG, n = 7), and a control group (CG, n = 7).(More)
We demonstrated crystallization retardation of CH3NH3PbI3 thin film during single coating of precursor solution by simple addition of NaCl. NaCl was codissolved into a precursor mixture solution containing PbI2 and methylammonium iodide (MAI). Dissolved NaCl interacted with the PbI2 in solution and produced a stable intermediate phase, which was converted(More)
[Purpose] This study evaluated the effects of bridge exercise on trunk core muscle activity with respect to sling height and hip joint abduction and adduction. [Subjects] Fifteen healthy adult males participated. [Methods] In the bridge exercise, the height of the sling was set low or high during hip joint abduction and adduction. Electromyography was used(More)
[Purpose] This study investigated the influence of the indoor horseback riding exercise on the electromyographic activity of the lower extremity and balance during one-leg standing. [Subjects] Twenty normal adults were divided into an indoor horseback riding exercise group (IHREG, n=10), which performed the indoor horseback riding exercise using equipment 3(More)