Daechul Park

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We propose a stable feedback control algorithm of the buffer state using the controlled Lagrange multiplier in combined rate-distortion characteristics for a buffer-constrained adaptive quantization. The proposed algorithm is established using feedback control theory and is described by the state equation with nonlinearity in the feedback path. The(More)
A bacteria-based microrobot (bacteriobot) was proposed and investigated as a new type of active drug delivery system because of its useful advantages, such as active tumor targeting, bacteria-mediated tumor diagnosis, and therapy. In this study, we fabricated a bacteriobot with enhanced motility by selective attachment of flagellar bacteria (Salmonella(More)
In this paper, based on the block (element)-wise inverse Jacket matrix, a unified fast hybrid diagonal block-wise transform (FHDBT) algorithm is proposed. A new fast diagonal block matrix decomposition is made by the matrix product of successively lower order diagonal Jacket matrix and Hadamard matrix. Using a common lower order matrix in the form of 1 1, a(More)
Buffered rate-distortion control method of MPEG 2 compressed video channel is considered for DBS applications. A joint rate-distortion control algorithm of multichannel sources is proposed to control overall picture quality by putting some constraints on encoder's quantization parameters and buffer state to allow a limited variable bitrate (VBR) coding(More)
* This work is supported in part by KOSEF, Korea, under the grant KOSEF971-0919-119-2 Ab st r a ct Problems of transmission delay caused by shared network or low speed network, become serious in case of making a fast decision for target image. In distributed network environments, trade-offs are needed between user and system when retrieving large volume of(More)
In this paper, we introduce the root of digital human binary coded Jong Nang communications as the wooden gate in Korea Jeju Island custom, has been using after about 1234 years. We compare the digital logic with modern traffic signal codes and analysis of both cases. Shannon channel capacity of the Jong Nang are 3 input NOR and binary erasure multiple(More)
Turbo codes has better performance as the number of iteration and interleaver’s size increases. This requires the delay and computational complexity for decoding an input data. In this paper, we propose an efficient method of decoding Turbo codes that can greatly reduce the iteration number with very lowcomplexity. The MAP algorithm depends on the adjacent(More)
Autostereoscopic 3-D imaging and display system is implemented on the notebook 486 DxII PC with TFT active matrix LCD display module and accompanying lenticular sheet lens. Image processing board (e.g. Targa Plus which is commercially available) is used to capture and display the image. Display experiments for still image and animating graphics image were(More)