Dae-il Jang

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Malicious botnet is the greatest threat of the internet security. Malicious botnet sent to very large number of malicious spam message a day and them using DDoS attack should not be used the internet service. For defend the threat, many researcher studied how to detect malicious botnet, but malicious botnet evade detection method through evolution. In this(More)
Increasing situational awareness and investigating the cause of a software-induced cyber attack continues to be one of the most difficult yet important endeavors faced by network security professionals. Traditionally, these forensic pursuits are carried out by manually analyzing the malicious software agents at the heart of the incident, and then observing(More)
Botnets continue to threaten the security landscape of computer networks worldwide. This is due in part to the time lag present between discovery of botnet traffic and identification of actionable intelligence derived from the traffic analysis. In this article we present a novel method to fill such a gap by segmenting botnet traffic into communities and(More)
Numerous security incidents caused by malwares and hackers have recently utilized anti-forensic techniques to bypass analysis and detection. It is critical to build a knowledge base that would help understand such anti-forensic techniques. In this paper, we present a forensic analysis method to detect an anti-forensic technique which leverages timestamp(More)
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