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This study builds on previous research on the impact of tourism advertising and argues that there are a number of likely routes through which tourism advertising influences destination choice. Data were obtained from a survey that examined the impact of Illinois travel advertising and was conducted during the fall of 2001. The results confirm that there are(More)
We conducted a survey of a total of 11,421 London Olympic volunteers. We employed a combined factor-clustering method to extract distinct volunteer segments. We found three meaningful distinct segments. The obligated group contained the largest number of volunteers among three groups. The enthusiastic group had the highest satisfaction and the highest(More)
Beacon scheduling is considered to be one of the most significant challenges for energy-efficient Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network (LR-WPAN) multi-hop networks. The emerging new standard, IEEE802.15.4e, contains a distributed beacon scheduling functionality that utilizes a specific bitmap and multi-superframe structure. However, this new standard(More)
This research explored a conceptual framework incorporating interrelationships among corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate ability (CA), corporate reputation (CR), and CSR-related transparency on customer loyalty within the hotel context. In this study, we also analyzed consumers' propensity to support CSR initiatives through the(More)
1 ABSTRACT The study aims at demonstrating cultural differences between American and Chinese in terms of customer's perceptions and satisfaction of crowded environment within the context of restaurant setting. It has been noted that culture has a substantial impact on customer's affection and judgment, and crowding in service environments is a critical(More)
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