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This paper proposes an energy efficient clustering algorithm for self-organizing and self-managing WSNs, called SNOW cluster. It introduces region node selection as well as cluster head election based on the residual battery capacity of nodes to reduce the costs of managing sensor nodes and of the communication among them. SNOW cluster clusters periodically(More)
The Advanced TCA is a relatively new open industry specification for building high-performance telecommunications and data communications systems. In this paper, we propose a cost effective EPON blade based on ATCA system which can provide support for multi-protocol interfaces at rates as high as 40 Gbps. ATCA system also provides high levels of modularity(More)
A framework for the autonomous management of large-scale ubiquitous sensor networks called SNOWMAN (SeNsOr netWork MANagement) is proposed in this paper. In large-scale ubiquitous sensor networks , a huge number of sensor nodes are deployed over a wide area and long distances and multi-hop communication is required between nodes. So managing numerous(More)
This study deals with a guide robot for blind people. User inputs (i.e., commands for movements) are obtained from blind people through a joystick, which has two potentiometers. Some noise unintentionally caused by the user is included in this input. To reject the unwanted signal, the robot has to recognize the intention of the user even with these noises.(More)
The next generation network (NGN) must provide mobility and multiple interfaces to enable the seamless delivery of packets, in IP mobility environments, with the best possible quality of service (QoS) guarantee. This paper proposes an efficient resource reservation and QoS provisioning mechanism based on mobile SCTP (mSCTP) with network mobility and(More)
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