Dae-Young Hyun

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Semi automatic colorization represents a computer-assisted process of adding colors to grayscale still images or monochromatic videos. This process is used for example for the restoration of old movies, cartoons or special effects. A user has to scribble the color of some selected pixels in a source image and the program will automatically propagate to the(More)
An algorithm for compensating the effects of backlight in images and videos is proposed in this work. We first determine the region of interest (ROI) to compensate mainly using a saliency map, which is based on darkness, skin color, color and texture prominency features. We then compute the compensating offset value for each pixel. Initial offset values are(More)
In this work, we propose an efficient image and video colorization algorithm. To achieve natural colorization, we first define initial color values and compute their re-liabilities. For image colorization, initial colors are assigned by the user interaction. For video colorization, initial colors are transferred from the previous frame and their(More)
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