Dae Yong Whang

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 Tumor development or growth is accompanied by impaired immune responses, such as a poor proliferative response or down-regulated cytolytic T lymphocyte activity. Although recent reports have suggested that modification of the signal-transducing molecule is responsible for impaired immune responses in tumor-bearing hosts, the causes of defective immune(More)
The expression of Bfl-1 gene, a novel Bcl-2 related gene, was determined by Northern blot analysis using a radiolabeled cDNA specific for Bfl-1 gene in 82 surgically resected tissue specimens of 28 gastric cancers, 15 colon cancers, nine breast cancers, eight bone and soft tissue sarcomas, five ovarian cancers, nine colon adenomas and eight gastric(More)
We investigated the mechanism of mitomycin C (MMC)-induced apoptosis in SNU-16 human gastric adenocarcinoma cells. Caspase-8 and caspase-3 were activated in MMC-treated cells whereas caspase-1 was not activated, and cytochrome c was released from mitochondrial membrane to cytosol suggesting that caspase-9 was activated during the MMC-induced apoptotic(More)
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