Dae Woong Rhee

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Until now, iris recognition has been used in many fields. Recently, there have been attempts to adopt iris recognition technology for the security of mobile phones. For example, in case of bank transaction service by using a mobile phone, using a mobile phone can use high level of security based on iris recognition. In this paper, we propose a new pupil(More)
With the increasing need of guaranteeing the security in case of using bank transaction service by using cellular phone, it is required to apply biometrics for the security of cellular phone. Especially, iris recognition is good for cellular phone security because of its reliability and accuracy compared to other biometrics such as face, fingerprint and(More)
This paper describes the prototype of the Massive Events Streams Service Architecture (MESSA), which is used as a framework of various RFID-enabled application systems. The MESSA captures events from a number of RFID readers, refines the events, processes the continuous queries, and delivers the event query results to the applications systems. In addition,(More)
Multithreaded architectures taking a hybrid approach of von Neumann computers and dataaow computers are recently in active research. Multithreaded architectures can improve the performance by the locality exploitation within thread and asynchronous parallel execution among threads. However, it has been overlooked how to exploit eeectively the locality of(More)
The Nuri curriculum is an integrated curriculum for early childhood education initiated by the Korean Government. Since 2011, the Korean Government set educational goals from preschool to college. The Nuri curriculum was designed to serve as a guideline for early childhood education. The goal of this study is to develop a standard for making video games for(More)