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— In this paper, we present a CMOS digital image stabilization algorithm based on the characteristics of a rolling shutter camera. Due to the rolling shuttering mechanism of a CMOS sensor, a CMOS video frame shows CMOS distortions which are not observed in a CCD video frame, and previous video stabilization techniques cannot handle these distortions(More)
To prevent large error accumulation in multiple image registration considering real-time applications, we propose a new fast global mosaic method using sequential block matching in regularly spaced grid features. We use a specific graph structure called a sequential graph defined in each grid and propose a new shortest-path search algorithm to find exact(More)
This paper presents a novel motion compensation approach for stabilizing video sequences captured by CMOS image sensors. Although a number of papers have been dedicated to the compensation of shaky camera motions, most of them have focused on CCD image sensors. By relating the homography model to the characteristics of CMOS video sequences, we estimated the(More)
In this paper, we propose a method that separates specular reflections from polarized color images. With line constraints in RGB color space and spatial domain information, we used a Variational energy minimization approach to restore diffuse reflections. With anisotropic smoothing, our method preserves the shape of textures and successfully separates(More)
This paper presents a global approach for constructing high dynamic range mosaic from multiple images with large exposure differences. By relating image intensities to scene radiances with a convenient distortion model, we robustly estimated registration parameters for the high dynamic range global mosaic (HDRGM), simultaneously estimating scene radiances(More)
This paper presents a global approach to mosaic blending, reconstructing original scene radiances up to scale, and simultaneously estimating intrinsic camera parameters. By incorporating a geometric constraint of rotating and zooming cameras and a constraint of non-linear mapping functions into robust optimization problems, we ascertained optimal blending(More)