Dae Won Yoon

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For the mean curvature vector field H and the Laplace operator ∆ of a submanifold in the Minkowski space, a submanifold satisfying the condition ∆H = f H + gC is known as a generalized null 2-type, where f and g are smooth functions, and C is a constant vector. The notion of generalized null 2-type submanifolds is a generalization of null 2-type(More)
Our principal goal is to study the prescribed curvature problem in a manifold with density. In particular, we consider the Euclidean 3-space R3 with a positive density function eφ, where φ = −x2 − y2, (x, y, z) ∈ R3 and construct all the helicoidal surfaces in the space by solving the second-order non-linear ordinary differential equation with the weighted(More)