Dae-Won Lee

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Nowadays, complex smartphone applications are developed that support gaming, navigation, video editing, augmented reality, and speech recognition which require considerable computational power and battery lifetime. The cloud computing provides a brand new opportunity for the development of mobile applications. Mobile Hosts (MHs) are provided with data(More)
In response to new information about the health risk of chemical and concern expressed by academia, labor, and industry, chemical regulatory framework under Industrial Safety and Health Act was completely restructured in Year 2003 to be more systematic and to meet the particular needs in Korea. The history and the current status of chemical regulatory(More)
Fewer studies have assessed the outdoor cultivation of Spirulina maxima compared with S. platensis, although the protein content of S. maxima is higher than S. platensis. Spirulina growth medium requires an increased amount of NaHCO3, Na2CO3, and NaNO3, which increases the production cost. Therefore, the current study used a low-cost but high-efficiency(More)