Dae Up Kim

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Pulpal and periradicular diseases are primarily caused by bacterial invasion of the root canal system as a result of caries progression. The presence of residual bacteria at the time of root canal completion (obturation) is associated with significantly higher rate of treatment failure. Re-infection of obturated root canals can be potentially prevented by(More)
The processing and final part quality of out-of-autoclave (OOA) prepreg composites are strongly influenced by the thermo-chemical and thermo-mechanical properties of the resin. These properties are primarily influenced by the out-time, or room temperature exposure time, of the resin prior to cure, and by the chosen cure cycle. However, both these factors(More)
The cutting, lay-up and bagging of out-of-autoclave (OOA) prepregs for composite part fabrication can take from several days to weeks, depending on the desired part size. This period of ambient temperature " out-time " induces resin polymerization/cross-linking, and affects critical physicochemical phenomena such as minimum viscosity, gelation, and(More)
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