Dae Sung Jung

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We report the surface functionalization of graphene films grown by chemical vapor deposition and fabrication of a hybrid material combining multi-walled carbon nanotubes and graphene (CNT-G). Amine-terminated self-assembled monolayers were prepared on graphene by the UV-modification of oxidized groups introduced onto the film surface. Amine-termination led(More)
Bandgap-controlled semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (s-SWNTs) were synthesized using a uniquely designed catalytic layer (Al(2)O(3)/Fe/Al(2)O(3)) and conventional thermal chemical vapor deposition. Homogeneously sized Fe catalytic nanoparticles were prepared on the Al(2)O(3) layer and their sizes were controlled by simply modulating the(More)
Combustion of spent vacuum residue hydrodesulfurization catalyst and incineration of paper sludge were carried out in thermo-gravimetric analyzer and an internally circulating fluidized-bed (ICFB) reactor. From the thermo-gravimetric analyzer-differential thermo-gravimetric curves, the pre-exponential factors and activation energies are determined at the(More)
26 J Kor Neurotraumatol Soc Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhea involves a breakdown of all barriers that separate the subarachnoid space from the upper aerodigestive tract, namely, the mucosa of the nasal cavity or paranasal sinus, skull base, dura mater, and arachnoid membrane. CSF rhinorrhea expressed as meningitis, subdural empyema or brain abscess,(More)
The control in electrical properties of graphene is essentially required in order to realize graphenebased nanoelectronics. In this study, N-doped graphene was successfully obtained via nitrogen plasma treatment. Graphene was synthesized on copper foil using thermal chemical vapor deposition. After N2 plasma treatment, the G-band of the graphene was(More)
The gapless semimetallic nature of graphene-based nanoelectronics is a major hurdle for the advancement of graphene-based field-effect transistors. Here graphene-carbon nanotubes hybrid nanostructures (Gr-CNTs HNSs) were formed by synthesizing single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) with a bandgap on monolayer graphene by thermal chemical vapor deposition.(More)
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