Dae-Soo Kim

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The Brassicaceae family is an exemplary model for studying plant polyploidy. The Brassicaceae knowledge-base includes the well-annotated Arabidopsis thaliana reference sequence; well-established evidence for three rounds of whole genome duplication (WGD); and the conservation of genomic structure, with 24 conserved genomic blocks (GBs). The recently(More)
An untraceable RFID authentication scheme allows a legitimate reader to authenticate a tag, and at the same time it assures the privacy of the tag against unauthorized tracing. In this paper, we revisit three elliptic-curve based untraceable RFID authentication protocols recently published and show they are not secure against active attacks and do not(More)
User authentication is the most fundamental decision in designing secure systems and to organize majority of the attacks. Though alpha-numeric password and biometric based authentication methods are the most popular methods till date, they have been exposed to numerous attacks. As an alternative solution, various graphical-based password authentication(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel reversible data hiding scheme based on histogram shifting using edge direction (ED) predictor. The ED predictor utilizes direction of adjusted pixels. Because of reversible character, existing predictor methods don't use all of cases edge direction. However, all of cases edge direction are used in ED predictor. In the(More)
In 2013, Tsai et al. proposed a reversible data hiding scheme based on neighboring pixel differences. Although their scheme has better quality than histogram shifting based typical schemes, the hiding capacity is smaller than other schemes. In this paper, an improved Tsai et al.'s scheme is proposed by using three neighboring pixel differences and an(More)
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