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The rapidly growing market for wireless technologies (Body LAN, cellular and Wireless LAN) in medical environments has led to a critical need for effective cable replacement solutions. This will enable widespread use of wireless body sensors, utilizing both an effective transmission protocol as well as providing proper infrastructure support. One of the(More)
—Using handheld devices such as cellular phones and smart phones for personal entertainment has become commonplace in today's lifestyle. Virtually all of these devices are equipped with Bluetooth technology that can be used to distribute entertainment contents such as music and movie clips. Mobile users can download content from the opportunistically(More)
People wish to enjoy their everyday lives in various ways, among which entertainment plays a major role. In order to improve lifestyle with more ready access to entertainment content, we propose BlueTorrent, a P2P file sharing application based on ubiquitous Bluetooth-enabled devices such as PDAs, cellphones and smart phones. Using BlueTorrent, people can(More)
—AutoGait is a mobile platform that autonomously discovers a user's walking profile and accurately estimates the distance walked. The discovery is made by utilizing the GPS in the user's mobile device when the user is walking outdoors. This profile can then be used both indoors and outdoors to estimate the distance walked. To model the person's walking(More)
We believe that each individual is unique, and that it is necessary for diagnosis purpose to have a distinctive combination of signals and data features that fits the personal health status. It is essential to develop mechanisms for reducing the amount of data that needs to be transferred (to mitigate the troublesome periodically recharging of a device)(More)
Fine-grained place logging with Wi-Fi beacon signatures provides a useful tool for delivering various semantic location-aware services such as reminders and advertisements. Existing solutions however heavily rely on energy-hungry periodic Wi-Fi scanning for place detection in resource limited mobile devices. In this paper, we present PlaceWalker, a scheme(More)
—The interests in health care have considerably increased these days as the aging population becomes larger. Health care has grown to the one of most active research areas especially in the area of wireless, mobile health monitoring systems. The wireless network technologies have advanced to the point where they can enable and help deploy a very broad gamut(More)
  • Jason Chen, Daeki Cho, Junho Choi, Tammara Massey, Hyduke Noshadi, Mario Gerla +5 others
  • 2007
Ubiquitous computing has been gaining popularity due to recent advances in the fabrication of powerful tiny processors. One of the emerging applications is medical monitoring. Tiny, non intrusive computing nodes, integrating sensors, actuators and radios, can be applied to the human body to monitor vital signs. An example is CustoMed [1], a system designed(More)