Dae-Jung Kang

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We evaluated the influence of amino acids in improving teicoplanin productivity. Arginine, lysine, and proline were selected for better productivity among 20 amino acids in Erlenmeyer flasks. Proline was finally chosen as the additive for maximum teicoplanin productivity in a 5-liter fermenter. We obtained the highest teicoplanin productivity, 3.12 g/l, on(More)
Hyaluronic acid (HA), linear high-molecular-weight glycosaminoglycan produced from Streptococcus sp., has raised interest in the medical and cosmetics industries because of the various biological functions of HA. In this paper, we report on the optimization of medium components for HA production in Streptococcus sp. ID9102 (KCTC 11935BP) by two-step(More)
Resting cells of Pseudonocardia sp. KCTC 1029BP were used for the bioconversion of vitamin D3 to calcifediol which is widely used to treat osteomalacia and is industrially produced by chemical synthesis. To obtain the maximum bioconversion yield of calcifediol by the microbial conversion of vitamin D3, a two-step optimization process was used, including the(More)
Calcitriol is an important drug used for treating osteoporosis, which can be produced from vitamin D3. The current method of producing calcitriol from vitamin D3 during cultivation of microbial cells results in low yields of calcitriol and high purification costs. Therefore, in this study, the steps of cell cultivation and bioconversion of vitamin D3 to(More)
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